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Project Description

Create a new website for

Work time/cost

The Work hours are estimated to 49 hours with a time rate of 800 SEK/hour with a total cost of 39 200 SEK (excluding taxes).

Size of the project

The project covers the content of the project specification (see next page).

The project does not include

Content adding.


Copywriter costs are not included for in this Offer and will be charged extra for.

Half of the project cost, 19 600 SEK (excluding taxes) should be payed in advance when the Offer are signed.

Project Specification

The project contains the following:


Creating i customized Company Design

16 hours

HTML, CSS and Wordpress (including mobile customization)

Breaking the design into code and implementing into WordPress CMS

10 hours

Backend Basic Configuration

Setting up basic Backend settings for Website administration

4 hours

Image slider

Startpage Image Slider/Start image

2 hours

Product listings

Page for listing products by category with search possibilites.

8 hours

Contact page with contact form

Setting up a customized contact page with contact form

2 hours

Backend styling

Backend customization for easier content update and more transparent navigation.

4 hours

Customization for different browsers

1 hours

Homepage LIVE

Put the homepage live on the internet

2 hours
Total: 49 hours


The following are also included in the Project:

Retina Ready

Images and logos are customizised to look great even on high-resolution displays such as mobile phones and high-resolution tablets.

Expanded security measures against hacker attacks

Additional security measures are made to prevent hackers.

Personal Support Page

Personal support page where various help files explain how the site is updated. Help files are added on demand.

Free support by phone and Email *

* Free support is valid for 2 years and includes assistance in managing the page and its features. If you go inside and build your own page and add new code and new plugins or allow other parties to do this, the free support can not be guaranteed. The free support does not apply to unlawful intrusion such as hacker attacks. For this, a special service agreement (read more on the next page) can be signed as also includes continuous updates of installation and plugins.

Service agreement

In order to keep the website as safe as possible from intrusion, it is important to keep the website installation and its associated plugins up to date. It’s not that difficult to do this yourself, but it’s easy to forget when you have a lot to think about. Eborn Interactive therefore offers a service agreement where we continually manage the update for you. We can also offer quick help in case an infringement in the form of a hacker attack or the like should happen after all.

We offer three different service solutions to offer. Please tick below if you already know what service solution you want. Talk to us and we will tell you more about the different solutions.


Continuous update of installation and plugins (quarterly).

249 SEK/month


Continuous update of installation and plugins (quarterly) as well as quick and free help in case the site would be compromised by a hacker attack or other cause (interruption insurance).

399 SEK/month


Continuous updates of installation and plugins (monthly) as well as quick and free help in case the site could be attacked by a hacker attack or other cause (interruption insurance).

799 SEK/month


The following terms and conditions apply to service contracts:


Machinery Euro Africa AB

Signature/printed name

Signed offer are sent to:

Eborn Interactive
Ädelgransgatan 40
218 37 Bunkeflostrand

General terms


These terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship between the company Eborn Interactive and the client. If the parties have not agreed on other terms of agreement in writing, these terms shall constitute rules between the parties.

Agreement period

Agreements are deemed to have been met as both parties approved the order until delivery agreed by both parties.

Clients data

All data about client's statistics and content are considered as clients's property and Eborn Interactive owns only the right to use this to fulfill its obligations to the Customer. Eborn Interactive can not be offered access to Customer's information after agreement has expired. The parties undertake not to reveal, either during the term of validity of this Agreement or beyond, such information as one Party has received from any other Party and which is such as to be regarded as a business secret.

Backward Compatibility Web Sites

Eborn Interactive is responsible for the fact that web-based web sites work in Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge browsers in current version as well as two versions backwards and in Internet Explorer 11.


Customer is entitled to finished materials as well as publishing documents. Rights to source files belong to Eborn Interactive. With Source files means original files required to produce the product, not the files that make up the product itself.

Terms of payment

If the parties have not contractually agreed on other terms of agreement, they are invoiced by half the amount in connection with the accepted quotation, the other half of the amount will be invoiced at customer endorsement. If the customer does not follow the schedule, Eborn Interactive has the right to final invoice and that the project is prioritized. Payment must be Eborn Interactive in accordance with agreed payment terms. Unless otherwise agreed, payment must be made no later than thirty (30) days after the invoice date. In case of late payment, interest on late payment is debited by 18% from the date of the invoice, as well as statutory reminder fee. Eborn Interactive reserves the right to cancel delivery of service if payment is not received after reminder. It is incumbent on Customer to notify Eborn Interactive of address change.
Services suspended in violation of Eborn Interactive's ethical policy (See item Refusal of Delivery ) or in the event of non-payment by Customer, or recurring delays in payment, are not eligible for repayment.

Transfer of contracts

Customer may not transfer contractual rights and obligations to any other party without the written consent of Eborn Interactive. Eborn Interactive may transfer the agreement or part thereof to partner (other party) without consent.


Eborn Interactive is entitled to use the company's company name on its reference list in writing. Contact information will never be disclosed without requesting this. On sites created by Eborn Interactive, text is added all. The logo in which clarifies that Eborn Interactive has created the site.

Refusal to supply

Eborn Interactive reserves the right to refuse delivery of services to activities or use of the following character: racism, nazism / fascism, pornography and pyramid games as they violate Eborn Interactive's ethical policy.

Clients Responsibility

The clients is responsible for the contractual service being used in accordance with laws and regulations in force in Sweden as well as internationally. The Customer undertakes to keep Eborn Interactive free from all financial or other damages related to Customer's use of the service / product provided by Eborn Interactive.

Limitation of Eborn Interactive's responsibility

Eborn Interactive does not respond to any inconvenience, damage or loss due to circumstances beyond the control of Eborn Interactive, or which Eborn Interactive could not reasonably afford or predict, nor for indirect damage. As a liberating circumstance, inter alia, (but not limited to) shall be: accidents, war, riots, severe weather or malfunctions in the operators 'or subcontractors' computer networks.

Early termination

The parties have the right to terminate the agreement with immediate termination by written notice if the other party has committed a material breach of the agreement and does not make a correction within thirty (30) days after receipt of a written request for rectification.
Each party also has the right to terminate this agreement for immediate termination if the other party is bankrupt, conducting a negotiation, threats in liquidation or otherwise deemed to be in default.


Disputes arising from agreements between the parties are settled in accordance with Swedish law with the Malmö District Court as the first instance. Compensation claims can not exceed the offer value.

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